Girls don’t belong in hardcore. Nuff said.






no, i’m pretty sure it’s sexist assholes that don’t belong there.

yeah, you go kailey. tell him!

girls don’t belong in hardcore? you obviously don’t belong in this fucking century. sexist cunt.

Lol, If a girl likes “Hardcore,” And I mean REALLY likes it. She’s considered a poser. Sexist asshole, you’re the reason Hardcore has a bad name in the first place. YOU DON’T BELONG IN “HARDCORE,” 

Fuck this guy.


^troll line

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    Listen to Punch.
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    Oh no, you’ve made a mistake ked.
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    Probly a meat head. But lol @ the ignorant assholes calling the source a “faggot” (homophobe) and a “sexist cunt”...
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    Isn’t hardcore about accepting people for who they are, and not judging them like the rest of the world does?
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    lol srsly, just look at dude’s blog. of course he’s a asshole, he clearly doesnt get any pussy. diaf.
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    this is exactly what it’s like in my city with shows, fuck your sexist attitude
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    wizard only pit.
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    elitists, sexists, racists*
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    Who ever said that is gay. Metaphorically and mentally.
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    Girls can be anywhere they damn please and listen to whatever they damn please. But don’t complain about violence, you...
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    Are you a fucking moron? This is the kind of bullshit that needs to be out of hardcore. Race/gender isn’t an issue,...
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    Are we still arguing over scenes like we’re in middle school? Grow the fuck up, who really gives a shit
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    I find the OP incredibly gay. And might I point out this is coming from someone who is attracted to other men.
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    time to get ignant
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    I wanna marry the shit out of a Ginger. I want to produce Ginger babies. Shit, if I could pull it off I’d have Ginger...
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    Candace Kucksulain is a ginger AND in a hardcore band. STICKING IT TO WHOEVER STARTED THIS POST
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